The Unexplained Journey

The Unexplained Journey is based on a personal project concept that has been more than a year in the making so far and looks set to continue on, pushing the quality and conceptualisation higher all the time. The work has been created over the entirety of the final year of the artist’s bachelors degree, allowing due care to be paid to the images, doing justice to the scale and detail involved in each and every idea. The work takes inspiration from the visual and literary realms of fairy-tale and folklore in its exploration of subjects, narrative with this sense of fantasy reflected by the way in which the photographs are born of imagination and fantasy. The imagination is given free reign to dream and fantasise in the way that the mind of the young is not bound by ‘wisdom’, social convention and by a deeper understanding of the scientific reality of the world around us. Instead it escapes into these unrestricted realms of dreams and phantoms that even the purest of minds can haunt itself with. This sense of gothic fantasy has ties to the work of the Pre-Raphaelites and their fascination with gothic romance and the medieval era.

The images are going to be used to create a Victorian styled, handmade pop-up book and will eventually be available to buy as a photo book once the series is complete a year after graduation and may be submitted for publication over time as the series grows and expands. Each of the images are being constructed and created with future exhibitions in mind, and with the intention of having the ability to display the images as large, framed prints, playing on the viewer’s memory of the traditional art gallery and the great and vast paintings of the masters adorning the plush walls and reflecting in the polish of the wooden floors that countless generations have walked, all with one common purpose as we look to the genius and talents of our forebears.

The series is created with the artist’s intended narrative in mind, with a progression of seasons, locations and through the use of reoccurring characters, and with strong characterisation at the ‘heart’ of the imagery. As the title suggests, these images will remain unexplained and unaccompanied by text, meaning that the narrative is illustrated only. This means that story they tell becomes personal and interpretive, belonging only to each viewer and their imagination and guided by their personal context and experiences rather than being firmly and strictly guided and restrained by the artist’s intended narrative. The over-riding intention of the artist is that each person who picks up the book or views the complete series, will receive a unique story, meaning that the one book is like a whole library of books within the mind.

Photography, narrative, illustrative, fairy-tale, fairytale, storybook, conceptual